Where To Buy 5-HTP

If you want to buy 5-HTP, look for a supplement that meets these criteria:

  • sourced from a reputable company with good safety and quality standards.
  • sustained release form of 5-HTP, to minimise any possible side-effects and maximise the benefits.

There are a lot of cheap brands available on Amazon and other places, but most use 5-HTP from Chinese manufacturing companies. I don't know of any specific concerns raised about 5-HTP sourced from China, but China has no quality regulation of food products or supplements, and personally, I don't want to be the one to test it!

What's more, very few companies produce sustained release 5-HTP. (Sustained release technology makes it more expensive for those companies, and it would cut into their profits.)

I went through all the brands I could find, comparing them for quality and price (but when comparing prices, you have to keep in mind that a sustained release supplement of 100 mg is equivalent to 4 capsules of 50 mg spaced out over the day, so you're effectively getting twice the punch for the same dose.

The one I liked best was Jigsaw Health 5-HTP with SRT (sustained release technology).

I liked what I read so much that I ordered it myself - and got great results from it. But don't just take my word for it!

Here's why I chose Jigsaw Health 5-HTP :


Lots of happy customers

Jigsaw Health is a US family company that's been around since April 2005, founded by Pat Sullivan and his son Patrick. The company was born from Pat's struggles over 30 years with recurrent, chronic health conditions including fatigue, insomnia, gastro-intestinal problems, anxiety and depression, so they are very focused on only promoting quality products that really work, based on solid research. Jigsaw Health takes pride in the fact that 80% of their business comes from repeat customers, people who find value in the products, and to back this up they offer a 90 day customer satisfaction money-back guarantee on all their products.

Sourced from Europe means protection from toxic contamination

Jigsaw Health get their 5-HTP from a Swiss company, Linnea, which is certified by Swissmedic (Swiss Health Authority) as complying with the highest international standards (ICH standards). Jigsaw Health was the only company I could find  that specified their 5-HTP was sourced from Europe rather than from China.

Sustained release 5-HTP gives a more continuous serotonin boost

sustained-release-technology-graph_3Sustained release means that you get a steady boost through the day or night without having to take a dose every few hours.

With 5-HTP, this makes a big difference, because your brain doesn't store serotonin for later use.

Your brain serotonin level is immediately affected by the amount of L-Tryptophan or 5-HTP available. If you take too large a dose of 5-HTP it can give you side-effects: most common are mild nausea or vivid dreams. On the other hand, too little means you don't get the benefit.

The side-effects seem to be pretty minimal, but why put up with any discomfort if you don't have to?

Some of the reviews I read from customers who had used Jigsaw 5-HTP commented specifically on the sustained effects of the Jigsaw supplement:

Using the 5-HTP helps me relax to get to sleep and stay asleep the entire night. If I use another brand of HTP I go to sleep but cannot sleep through the night.

With a sustained release tablet, you are able to take a lower overall daily dose.

Here's another comment from a satisfied customer:

I find that 100mg of Jigsaw is as effective as the 200mg of the brand my dr recommended! Love this product!

Altogether, the advantages of a sustained release form of 5-HTP made so much sense to me, I didn't want to waste my time or money (or risk my health and well-being) with anything else.

Buy 5-HTP here


Jigsaw Health have a great offer on their 5-HTP with SRT

As well as a discount for 2 or more bottles (one bottle gives you 60 days supply of 5-HTP), Jigsaw Health offer free shipping within the US for purchases over $89. (This could include other Jigsaw Health quality supplements if you only want to start with one bottle of 5-HTP to try it).

Jigsaw Health also ships internationally, which is great if you live outside the US.

Click here to find out more about sustained release 5-HTP  from Jigsaw Health to improve your mood and reduce food cravings quickly and safely.


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