5-HTP For Anxiety

  If you suffer from stress or anxiety, there's a good chance your brain serotonin is low. In this case, you might want to consider taking 5-HTP for anxiety. There are different types of brain biochemical imbalance involved in anxiety, not just serotonin... so how can you tell if your brain serotonin is low? Here are some indicators to look […] Read more »

How to increase serotonin naturally

You know what a serotonin deficiency looks like and feels like: being anxious, depressed, irritable, experiencing unexplained pain, sleeping with no feeling of being refreshed, eating with no feeling of satisfaction. So how can you raise your brain levels of serotonin and feel better? First, some basic brain facts.....  you need to understand how serotonin works if you want to […] Read more »

Wondering about serotonin supplements?

Wondering about serotonin supplements?

Are you wondering if you have a serotonin deficiency, and want to know how to increase serotonin naturally and safely? If you've landed here today, you're probably wondering if a serotonin supplement will help you feel better.....to help you become less anxious, less depressed, to sleep better, lose weight, cope better with the stress in your life. And yes, all […] Read more »