Where To Buy 5-HTP

If you want to buy 5-HTP, look for a supplement that meets these criteria: sourced from a reputable company with good safety and quality standards. sustained release form of 5-HTP, to minimise any possible side-effects and maximise the benefits. There are a lot of cheap brands available on Amazon and other places, but most use 5-HTP from Chinese manufacturing companies. […] Read more »

5-HTP For Weight Loss

Are mid-afternoon munchies hijacking your weight loss intentions? If so, you might be pleasantly surprised at how 5-HTP can zap those food cravings. It's not just anecdotal evidence, either. There's quite a bit of real science to support the use of 5-HTP as a natural supplement for weight loss. For example, one clinical study showed that 5-HTP taken before meals reduced food […] Read more »

What Is 5-HTP?

5-HTP  is naturally part of the serotonin producing process in your body. It's made from L-Tryptophan which you normally get from food. The 5-HTP supplements you can buy are made from the seeds of an African plant, Griffonia simplicifolia, which is high in 5-HTP. This 5-HTP is exactly the same as the 5-HTP your body makes, so it's very safe […] Read more »

5-HTP Side Effects

5-HTP has been around as a supplement since 1995 – long enough for any longer term side-effects to emerge. Overall, it's safety record seems pretty impressive. There are no reports anywhere of anyone having any major reactions to using 5-HTP, and the only side effects seem to be temporary and minor. Better than Prozac Overwhelmingly, people report less troublesome  and […] Read more »